Custom Plating
I am located in Snellville, GA and have been in the business for  50 years.  
Straightening and polishing of both aluminum and stainless steel are part of my special services.  After the straightening and metal finishing, each part progresses through a six (6) step process which requires different compounds and special cotton buffs at each step.  This elaborate process is what gives the aluminum and stainless steel trim pieces and grills a beautiful and brilliant sheen.
As my company name indicates, top quality Chrome Plating has been my trademark for 47 years.  The restoration and plating of antique bumpers along with individual attention to each customer is what my business is founded on.  Your own bumpers are restored and returned to you after a process of grinding, straightening (using a 300 ton press if necessary) and polishing.  The final step is a top quality chrome plating application.
In addition to bumpers, I offer top quality plating for engine parts, interior and exterior steel car parts - essentially I am able to plate all parts on a antique car.  I also offer plating for your pot metal parts.  Other items I handle include boat parts and antique barber chair parts.  I have plated many interesting items over the last 47 years.  Two of the most unique items were the GA Tech Rambling Wreck and one of Hitler's staff cars which is now in Pennsylvania.
Please give me a  call at 770-736-1118 if you would like to discuss any polishing and plating needs.  I look forward to working with you.
Charles Jones, Owner
Custom Plating
3030 Alta Ridge Way                                       
Snellville, GA 30078                              770-736-1118